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Guardian ShowerGaurd Protective Coating

The Difference is Clear

Guardian ShowerGuard is a protective coating that permanently seals off and smooths out the microscopic pores, valleys and peaks in the natural surface of your glass. The result is an invisible protective barrier applied before the tempering process that bonds to the glass surface making it less likely to wear and discolor over time leaving you with long-lasting beauty in your Damon Glass designed and professionally installed custom glass enclosure.

Why Choose ShowerGaurd Coated Glass?

With the Gaurdian ShowerGaurd coating you will not have to worry about the typical staining from soap scum build up and water spots because the protective layer helps battle the harsh conditions of heat, humidity, hard water, and even cleaning agents which can result in unwanted glass etching and surface wear. These wear spots give dirt and debris the pitted surface they need to hold onto giving your glass surfaces a dull and unwanted look.

Compared to untreated glass, Gaurdian ShowerGaurd requires much less maintenance and will keep its cleanable qualities for life. The protective barrier will never break down and will never need to be reapplied. In fact, it is backed by a robust lifetime limited warranty, giving you the peace of mind that you made the right choice in your investment.

Caring For Your ShowerGaurd Glass Is Easy

With a few simple care tips during your cleaning routine, your custom shower enclosure will look as beautiful and clear as the day it was installed.

Simply remember to use a soft sponge with a non-scratch surface along with a common non-scratch, non-corrosive household cleaner and light water rinse when you are done to remove any leftover cleaner from drying on the surface and you can keep the beauty of your custom glass shower enclosure going for a lifetime. It is really that easy!